Global Footprint of 250,000,000 Mobile Devices

Our proprietary scoring and classification model leverages a comprehensive, unique and full view of each individual user.

What this means is that, unlike other solutions, we are not limiting ourselves to simple mapping based entirely on web site browsing activity or installed apps. Instead, our rapidly growing global network of opted-in users are sharing comprehensive behaviors and intent signals, including a complete picture of their browsing habits and deep app usage analytics, which we factor into our complex algorithmic scoring model.

Eliminate guesswork, know who you’re reaching, and ensure your marketing budget goes further thanks to adgnitio data, and the power of mobile knowledge.

Data Privacy

We take privacy very seriously at adgnitio, no shortcuts.

This means we only collect data from our network of devices after delivering a clear, simple, and user-friendly in-app EULA.

Our EULA specifies the type of information we collect, what we are using it for, and who we may share it with. This opt-in process also ensures that we are respecting our users' privacy, and that we are compliant with any local legislation. To ensure our users are fully in control of their digital footprint within adgnitio, opt-out is available at any time as all collected data is linked to a non-persistent and resettable device-level ID.

For further privacy related questions or concerns, please contact us.


Data Collection / Classification

adgnitio goes beyond simple data mapping by cleansing and analyzing a full set of signals from each mobile user.

As an example, certain solutions consider a casual visit to a sports blog, or the install of a sports related app, as a sign the user should be bucketed into a retargetable sports enthousiast type segment.

Instead, we believe that frequency and diversity of visits, tied to installs and app usage, are far more robust signals… and that’s just part of the equation.

“Visiting a sports site once a month doesn’t mean you’re a hardcore sports enthusiast”

Each adgnitio audience is crafted to ensure high-fidelity and performance, thanks to our proprietary algorithmic scoring model, fine-tuned by a passionate quality-first data scientist team.

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Mobile Audiences

adgnitio's high performance mobile audiences are crafted to enable marketers to reach the right audiences, thanks to a unique algorithmic scoring model. The types of audiences we currently deliver are:
• Intenders/Interest
• Brand Affinity
• Demographics
• App Usage

Data Enrichment

This solution is meant for partners who want to receive actionable data attributes, attached to Mobile Advertising ID's, to enrich their own data sets- sample elements include:
• IP address / GeoIP
• Audience Segments
• Installed Apps (Package Names/App ID’s
• Device Info (Model, OS, Screen Size, Type, etc..)

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